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Al Madinah

Madinah, Saudi Arabia


A 48,700 sqm five stars Hotel with 545 keys. Spread across thirteen floors, managed by Elaf Group. With an understanding of the guests’ needs, we have dedicated the top floor to serve as a multipurpose room for those who would so require.

Visitors to the hotel may also enjoy shopping at the many retail stores available at the ground and first levels, and enjoy a delicious meal at our mezzanine restaurant.

Three underground levels have been dedicated to parking space. Five basements of 2,500 sqm each, ground Floor of 2,526 sqm, mezzanine Floor of 1,640 sqm, first Floor of 2,131 sqm area, service Floor of 636 sqm area, twelve Typical Floors of areas in between 2,140 sqm & 2,326 sqm, fourteen Floor of 1,793 sqm, ballroom hall area is 485 sqm, 11 Shops with a total leasable area of 432 sqm, dining Hall for 466 seats with a total area of 800 sqm and a parking for 107 cars.

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